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Began Training With Ajarn Dan Inosanto In 1984

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Ajarn Kevin Seaman has studied Thai Boxing for 37 years as a student and coach. Using his organized, intuitive teaching method, he has educated approximately 5,000 students in Muay Thai over the past 30 years. Ajarn's extensive background in Martial Arts spans 50 years. 

Began Training With Ajarn Surachai Sirisute In 1986

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As a teacher, one of my goals is to provide the best information, and instruction for people that want to learn Muay Thai. I wake up every morning with the intent of being the best teacher possible, and work, not just on my own improvement, but on how I can help each, and every student I teach, and interact with to be a better version of themselves. And as a teacher, I have had this same vision and drive for nearly 40 years!

I feel that so many individuals need quality coaching in regard to their form and foundation. There is no one out there that cannot benefit and improve. You deserve to have quality instruction by a Professional Coach who holds high standards, that really cares about you as a student of Muay Thai. I have tirelessly trained to understand and develop the best teaching approaches for people who want to improve, and have developed this Video Library as a conduit for exactly that.
Muay Thai Library & Learning Center
WITH ajarn Kevin seaman

About Your Coach

Ajarn Kevin Seaman has studied Thai Boxing for nearly 35 years as a student and coach. Using his organized, intuitive teaching method, he has educated approximately 5,000 students in Muay Thai over the past 30 years. Ajarn's extensive background in Martial Arts spans 50 years. 
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Thai Boxing University was designed to bring your skills and understanding of Muay Thai to the next level. Designed by a Professional Coach and Teacher with over 35 years in the study and teaching of Muay Thai. You will see huge jump in your skill level and understanding with the use of our exclusive video library.

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"I'm totally convinced that once you've tried Thai Boxing University for 7 Days, you will understand just how valuable it will be toward your continued growth and improvement!

I personally stand behind my program, and offer a No Risk opportunity to try Thai Boxing University. If you are not 100% satisfied, I don't want your hard earned dollars. You literally have nothing to lose."   -Kevin Seaman

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Muay Thai Instructor Testimonials

"I highly recommend that you enroll in Thai Boxing University. Kevin Seaman has been my teacher for many years, and is by far, one of the best instructors in Muay Thai in America! The content on this website is organized, simple, effective, and tested in Muay Thai competitions, and even in the UFC."

-Phil Migliarese
6th Degree Black Belt / Jiu Jitsu 
& Muay Thai Instructor
Founder Of Balance Studios
Philadelphia, PA

"I have been training with Ajarn Kevin Seaman since 2009. He is instrumental in my development, not only in martial arts, but also in life. The foundation of technique, paired with always showing respect, has influenced many people. Ajarn Kevin has a way to break a move down to a basic level, while also speaking to the more seasoned students. He is one of the top muay thai instructors and it’s a privilege to have him here in Syracuse!"

- Cory Lawson
 Muay Thai Instructor
Syracuse, NY

"I have been training with Ajarn Kevin Seaman since the beginning of my Martial Arts journey back in 2006. The older I get, the more blessed I feel to have stumbled upon such a wealth of knowledge and experience. His teachings have helped me insurmountably in my competitive career and development as an instructor."

-Tamdan McCrory AKA "The Barn Cat"
Veteran UFC Fighter
1st Degree Black Belt / Jiu Jitsu 
& Muay Thai Instructor
Binghamton, NY
"Learning Thai boxing has changed my life in so many incredible ways. The confidence and motivation it has given me has transferred into my daily routines. I’ve lost weight I struggled with before and gained skills I can use forever. Ajarn Kevin Seaman has an incredible way of explaining techniques, pushing you to your potential, and showing you why it matters. I highly recommend training and learning the Thai boxing system for yourself!"

- Chris Smith
 Muay Thai Instructor
Syracuse, NY
"Ajarn Kevin Seaman is a fantastic Muay Thai Instructor. His knowledge and skill encompasses all aspects of Muay Thai training. Ajarn Kevin does a great job of creating progressions in his teachings which enables his students to achieve a high level of development. This is just ONE reason why 26 of his students have become instructors in the World Thai Boxing Association (WTBA)."

-His student and WTBA Senior Instructor
-Bob Gambitta
Muay Thai Instructor
Five Time Golden Glove State Champion
Cortland, NY
"Thai boxing University gives you the tools as a student or instructor to correct bad habits and teach and perform the techniques properly. It’s like fine-tuning. So technical, it makes me a better teacher."
-Bill Thanel
Muay Thai Instructor
Philadelphia, PA

"Years ago I was in need of a Muay Thai coach. I had many years of experience in BJJ and MMA. I had spent years coaching fighters and law enforcement officers. However, I wanted to become skilled in Muay Thai and I needed a mentor.

I was lucky enough to become connected with Ajarn Kevin Seaman. Although I was states away Ajarn Kevin helped me build a solid Muay Thai program at my school.

With his creation of the Thai Boxing University website I have been able to make huge improvements for myself and my students. I would recommend anyone, coaches or individuals to join the site. It has helped me immensely."

Jiu Jitsu Black Belt &
Muay Thai Instructor
Kaizen Jiu-Jitsu Academy
Dover Delaware

Testimonials From Thai Boxing University Subscribers

"Thai Boxing University is a hub containing a wealth of knowledge built up over years of professional experience in martial arts. Ajarn Kevin Seaman presents a plethora of details in a concise and logical manner. The value of a Thai Boxing University membership is unmatched and invaluable as a one stop striking reference. New content is added regularly and encompasses a complete training regimen.
I highly recommend a membership to anyone interested in bolstering their knowledge of Muay Thai under an excellent instructor."
-Rob Glasser
New York
"My name is Sean Gallimore. I’m a martial artist with forty years of dedicated training, from Karate, Ju-Jitsu, and Aikido, to JKD and Kali.
I was growing a little antsy to mix up my solo training during the 2020 quarantine, and as someone who has attended many seminars over the years hosted by Ajarn Kevin. I have wanted to up my understanding of Muay Thai. Becoming a member of Thai Boxing University was just what I needed.
I have always appreciated supplementing training using video sources with the mentality that it is like attending a seminar with the benefit of re-watching/re-listening if you need clarification, or to practice a technique multiple times to lock into muscle memory. Repetition is the mother of all skills, after all.
The Thai Boxing University site is wonderfully easy in its design and functionality, and new content is added weekly.
In person, Ajarn’s passion is always infectious and inspiring, and his vast knowledge is extremely impressive. Just read up on his martial arts accomplishments. I certainly feel it all comes through in the training clips."
-Sifu Sean Gallimore
"The Thai Boxing University has helped me for a lot of different reasons. I live in Canada and I have not been able to go to seminars to train with Ajarn Kevin due to the borders being closed. This on line training is one on one, it feels like I am having a private lesson. Everything  is explained very well so if you need to see a move again, you can watch several times until you understand the move. Finally, I have come to realize that having mental health tools have helped the most with the stress of life. I use these tools that I have learned every single day. Ajarn Kevin has helped me a lot with this program. I have more confidence, I think differently and look at things differently now. I feel so blessed that my JKD teacher met Ajarn Kevin and I have had the opportunity to train Muay Thai with this man! " 🙏
-Samson Jarvis
Toronto, Canada
"Ajarn Kevin’s extensive knowledge in Muay Thai has allowed him to develop a comprehensive Muay Thai learning curriculum for online learning. The level of Ajarn Kevin and his experience makes this website extremely useful for any Muay Thai practitioner seeking online instruction.
As a beginner the teaching by Ajarn Kevin will take you from the foundation of stance and footwork all the way up to more advanced techniques and fight strategies.I would highly recommend you check out this valuable resource and take advantage of the vast knowledge Ajarn Kevin possess and the learning curriculum he has developed."
-Waisale Naqiolevu
Suuva, Fiji
"I highly recommend that you enroll in Thai Boxing University. I tried the seven day trial and I was blown away. I officially joined after that and it’s been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Ajarn Kevin Seaman is an amazing Muay Thai Instructor. He has an incredible way of explaining the techniques and breaking them down. The content on the website is organized, and easy to understand. Being a member of Thai Boxing University has tremendously improved my skill level."
-David Sinopoli
5th Degree Joe Lewis Fighting Systems
6 th Degree Sento Jujitsu
Co-owner Cutting Edge Fitness & Martial Arts

"As a coach, the single most important thing to me is, and always will be RESULTS!
It’s not what or how much you know; it’s how and when you use it that will determine your results.
Just Having Knowledge IS NOT power, action with knowledge IS REAL POWER!
In other words, it’s not what you know. It’s what you do, that makes you successful."
-Kevin Seaman

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Muay Thai Tip #1

Interactive Counter-Offensive Drill For The Rear Cross.

How To Wrap Your Hands

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Muay Thai Tip #2
Application Of Footwork To Maintain The Line Of Power In Your Kick.

Video Lesson Sample

Here's a Sample Instructional Video of the content members receive. 

Muay Thai  Tip #3

 Footwork Transition From Kicking To Punching

Muay Thai  Tip #4

Correct Shielding To Defend The Kick

Muay Thai Tip #5

Footwork To Cut The Angle In Order To Square Up Your Opponent

Muay Thai Tip #6

Capturing The Rear Round Kick

Muay Thai Tip #7

Shielding The Hook Or Haymaker

Muay Thai Tip #8

Counter Offensive Techniques For The Rear Round Kick

About The Teacher/ Coach

Ajarn Kevin Seaman has studied the Martial Arts with discipline, persistence and intensity for nearly 50 years. He holds Instructor Ranking in 7 Disciplines of Martial Arts, is a Certified USA Boxing Coach, Professional Teacher, Mental Performance Coach, Author and Lecturer. He has taught over 200 seminars and workshops in six Countries. His involvement in Muay Thai began in 1986 when he met Ajarn Chai Sirisute, the teacher and pioneer that brought and introduced Thai Boxing in the United States in 1968. Since that day in 1986, Ajarn Kevin has trained consistently under the guidance of Grandmaster Chai, and was one of the first handful of people to achieve the rank of Senior Instructor in the World Thai Boxing Association (WTBA) in 2012. To date, Ajarn Kevin has had 26 students make it to Instructor Level in the WTBA. Ajarn Kevin has been a striking coach for over 100 competitors in USA Boxing, UFC, USMTA, WKA, IKBA, Bellator and others. The Thai Boxing University domain was established in 2017.

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